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Professional PET screw and barrel improve preforms quality and finishedproducts rate.Full closed cover available for internal cooling equipment.
Separate oil circular controlsupports synchronous mould open/close ejection function.Backproducts belt conveyor available forthe preform coolingand the connecting continuousautomatic production line.
An automatic injection molding machine is a type of industrial equipment used for manufacturing plastic parts and products by automatic injection molding machine into a mold. It typically consists of a hopper for holding the raw plastic material, a heating system for melting the material, a screw or ram injector for injecting the melted material into the mold, and a mold clamping mechanism for holding the mold closed during the injection process. The machine is controlled by a computer program, which allows for precise control of the injection process and the ability to produce high-quality, consistent parts.



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Changshengda Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, a wholly-owned Australian enterprise with a registered capital of US$5.2 million.The plant covers an area of ​​72,000 square meters. As China Automatic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers and PET high-speed injection molding machines factory, we are specializes in the development and production of environmentally friendly, high-precision, medical and food injection molding machines, and PET automatic high-speed injection molding machines. In order to create a high-quality Changshengda brand and cast a first-class image of Changshengda, we continue to innovate products and implement the service promise of "turnkey project". We have set up many after-sales service agencies at home and abroad to provide new and old customers with high cost performance. Products and thorough after-sales service, our wholesale PET high-speed injection molding machines factory were all exported and sold well in Southeast Asia, North and South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions. Now it has successfully cooperated with dozens of domestic well-known brand enterprises. High efficiency and favored by domestic and foreign merchants.

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