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What products can a blow molding machine produce

Blow molding machines are divided into large and small, as well as injection molding and extrusion. Different processing methods can produce different products, so let's explain them separately. What products can a blow molding machine produce? For example, various bottles, jars, buckets, pots, hollow seats, mineral water bottles, and special-shaped hollow products, in fact, what products are produced, mainly depends on the mold to determine the appearance or specifications of the products produced. According to different raw materials, the blow molding produced is also different.

For example, some hollow toys or bottles are mostly made of PE and PP. Some transparent containers such as mineral water or beverage bottles are made of PET, and each manufacturer will choose appropriate raw materials according to the products produced. What products can a large blow molding machine produce? Large blow molding machines are very extensive, how much volume? The volume of the products produced is between 50L-30000L. For example, some traffic facilities: road cones, traffic warning columns, water horses, and anti-collision buckets can all be made. Large industrial container, dedicated tank for storing liquid materials.

For example: buckets, IBCs, rainwater tanks, double-ring buckets, trays, lids, air tanks, etc., each blow molding machine is independently designed, and can be customized according to customer needs to produce multi-layer (1-8 layer) product machine of blow molding machine. There are also some floats, which are made of polyethylene, which has good impact resistance, not only UV protection but also corrosion and freezing resistance.

In addition to the above products, what products can the blow molding machine produce? Plastic chairs made by large stadiums are also one of the products that can be blown by a blow molding machine. Retaining vibrant colors even after years of exposure to the sun, many sports factory facilities are mass-produced with blow molding machines. There are also some simple toys, such as ball-shaped, fruit-shaped, toy car tires, etc. are also blow molding machine products.