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What are the key components of a blow molding machine?

The key components of a blow molding machine can vary depending on the type and design of the machine, but generally include the following:

1.Extruder: The extruder is responsible for melting and mixing the raw materials, such as plastic resin, and feeding them into the mold.
2.Die Head: The die head is the component that forms the parison, which is the hollow tube of plastic material that is inflated to create the final product.
3.Clamping System: The clamping system holds the mold in place and applies pressure during the blowing process to ensure that the product is formed correctly.
4.Blow Pin: The blow pin is used to blow air into the parison, expanding it to the desired shape.
5.Control System: The control system manages and regulates the different functions of the blow molding machine, such as temperature, pressure, and timing.
6.Cooling System: The cooling system is used to cool the product and the mold, ensuring that the product maintains its shape and can be ejected from the mold.
7.Ejection System: The ejection system removes the finished product from the mold.
8.Optional components: Depending on the specific machine, there may be additional components such as conveyors, trimmers, and leak testers.

Overall, the key components of a blow molding machine work together to melt, shape, and form plastic materials into a wide variety of products.

CSD-AX1-M-2.5L Automatic Blow Molding Machine(Down Blow)
CSD-AX1-M-2.5L Automatic Blow Molding Machine(Down Blow)
CSD-AX1-M-2.5L is a 2.5L automatic blow molding machine with mold number 1, it has various bottle neck styles such as 17mm and more. The production capacity of this machine can reach up to 1400pcs/h(based on 500ml bottle). The diameter of the outer diameter and height of the product can be within 120mm and 50mm respectively. The mould plate size can be 200×350mm in section.
CSD-AX1-M-2L is a single chamber injection blow molding machine designed to produce up to 1.5 L PET transparent preforms with considerable usage of bottom air. The machine delivers a high production capacity and reduces cycle times, which results in an excellent return on investment. It also provides a comprehensive set of features making it highly efficient for both small and large volume applications.
Momentous CSD-AX1-M-2.5L Automatic Blow Molding Machine(Down Blow) is suitable for all kinds of 2.5L PET preforms, the raw material including PET bottle, polyester yarn, polyester fabric and woven bags etc. Widely used in cosmetics industry(body care products), food industry(dairy products) and pharmaceutical industry.
CSD Automatic Blow Molding Machine – is an automatic blow molding machine, the world's leading technology, which adopts SURELIFE hot runner system and imported servo motor and frequency converter, no heating delay at mold opening, accurate blowing stroke with constant speed control.